Current Friends

Thank you for volunteering!

When you volunteer with Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly, you give more than your time. You give Twin Cities elders companionship and hope. Thank you! 

Volunteer Time Reporting

You give your time — make sure it’s counted! We track and report various data from you, including:

  • The number of individuals who volunteer each month
  • The number of hours you volunteer
  • The number of visits, calls, letters and rides our elders receive

We then use this data to:

  • Monitor our elders’ well-being and progress
  • Continuously evaluate our programs and ensure that we deliver the best possible service to our elders
  • Help secure foundation grants, so that more elders receive our services
  • Show our donors that their support has an impact
  • Help us create a volunteer program that is meaningful and rewarding

For questions or more information on reporting, please email Ann Fosco or call 612.746.0725.

The report form will ask for:

  • Your name
  • Date
  • Volunteer time
  • Type of service
  • Elder engagement report* – if you are a volunteer visitor

* Please note: If you are a volunteer visitor, the report form will expand to an Elder Engagement Report, where you will then record information about your elder’s overall social engagement, level of loneliness and general wellness. This Elder Report allows LBFE staff to more closely monitor our elders’ well-being and safety, chart elder progress in reducing their loneliness and provide on-going support for volunteers like you.

The information we get from you helps us craft our programs. We appreciate your reports!