Holidays 2020 Covid Style

Holiday's 2020 graphic

Calling all Holiday Helpers and Calling Carolers!

The holidays are a special time, and we have a rich 48-year tradition of honoring the spirit of the season through fellowship, food, and fun. This year COVID-19 has radically altered the way we can celebrate with our members, but we’ve come up with some wonderful alternatives we hope will bring abundant holiday cheer to our members who are at greatest risk of feeling alone during this season.

The health and safety of everyone are top priorities and contact-less, socially distanced interactions will be a part of each facet of our 2020 holiday programs. Here is how you can help ensure a joyous season for all.

If you are a current LBFE volunteer and wish to be paired with your assigned elder friend for the holidays, please register early to avoid them being paired with another volunteer or family. If when you register and your friend has already been paired, you will be assigned another friend with whom to share a Gift of Gratitude or Package of Joy.

Holiday Helpers

We hope that every LBFE member will be able to receive a special Gift of Gratitude at Thanksgiving and Package of Joy for the December holidays. Volunteers can sign-up here to create a special holiday package containing treats, small, thoughtful gifts and a card with a personal and heartfelt message. Our hope is to send these special packages to over 350 LBFE members this holiday season! 

After registering below, each volunteer will receive an email with the name, address, and phone number of their assigned Holiday Friend. You can have fun purchasing or making the special items you want to include in your package, and then using your favorite service (USPS, FedEx, UPS) send-off to your Holiday Friend. If you are comfortable, you are also welcome to call your Holiday Friend and arrange for a time to deliver the package in person, masked and outside your friend’s home. For everyone’s safety, please do not enter anyone’s home.

Holiday Helper Wish List

Looking for a few Holiday Helper gift ideas? Download our Holiday Helper Wish List, for a few suggestions.

Calling Carolers

In addition to Packages of Joy, this post-Thanksgiving program will involve calling assigned Holiday Friends and singing a favorite secular holiday carol over the phone, and maybe even singing a carol or two with your friend as well. Singing Volunteers can sign-up to deliver calling cheer by using the registration button below.

If you are unable to volunteer but would still like to support LBFE holiday activities, please consider a cash donation to help purchase gifts for members not matched with a “Holiday Friend.”

Questions, concerns, etc. Please contact Ann Fosco by e-mail or call 612-746-0725