LET’S DO MORE Together!

DOING MORE TOGETHER can help build stronger, healthier communities

We know you are doing all you can to help build a stronger, more equitable community.

How do we know? Because we are, too. This is no easy task given our limitations in staffing, resources, budgets, etc. Sometimes going that extra mile can be more challenging than we think.
Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly’s phone-based options and, in some cases, our visiting companions’ option foster sustainable social connections and friendships for healthy aging and well-being. These programs can seamlessly complement or supplement your current services.
Our programs are free of charge, and we’ve made them easy for you to promote.

So, let’s do more together!

If this is something you would like to explore, we invite you to learn more by visiting our resources page. You can even request co-branded materials or have local area codes, letting seniors know they can trust these unique opportunities to connect with others.
Thank You!
Ann Fosco

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is our newest, free, statewide drop-in chat line that connects older adults with caring volunteers for engaging conversation and access to resources that support their overall wellbeing. Callers can remain anonymous; there is no need to register or make an appointment. Callers can call as often as they like, Monday through Friday, between 8 am and Noon. Calls to Coffee Talk are answered by trained community volunteers who understand the older adult population’s unique needs and challenges, are 18+ and have completed a background check.

Happy Coffee Talker

Phone Companions

There is nothing like the feeling you get when a friend is about to call. For most older adults, the phone may not be ringing as often as they would like. That is where Elder Friends Phone Companions comes in. This program pairs an older adult with a warm and caring volunteer, ready to create and enjoy a lasting connection. It begins with just one phone call and blossoms from there. The program is completely free to older adults and is quick and easy to join. All volunteers are 18+ and have completed a background check.

Visiting Companions

Paired with a Visiting Companion, older adults who are experiencing isolation and loneliness can again experience the joy of companionship! Your members/clients will be paired with a volunteer who will be excited to build a special friendship! Visiting Companions and older adults enjoy each other’s company at home, in the community, and at special events, all based on their own needs and schedules. The program is completely free to older adults and is quick and easy to join. All volunteers are 18+ and have completed a background check.

LET’S DO MORE Together!

Thank you for all that you do to help keep our older Minnesotans healthy and active both in mind and body! We hope that you see the value in adding these complimentary offerings to your community! If you are interested in co-branded materials, we're happy to help! Just contact us, and we'll get you what you need.