30 Days of Brightness

30 days of brightnessDoing it up differently.

This year, we are doing up our holidays a little differently. Our aspiration for this year’s celebrations is to align closely with our mission to bring connection, companionship, and friendship to older adults and be welcoming to our members from all communities! Together, we will celebrate 30 Days of Brightness!
What better time of year to celebrate 30 Days of Brightness than November 25 through December 25? We all seek brightness in our lives; it provides comfort, warmth, the ability to see, energy to grow and helps stave off loneliness. It makes sense, then, that many holiday traditions include lights in their celebrations. This is especially true in the late fall and winter when there is so much less light in our lives.

Help us shape these 30 Days – with 30 Bright Ideas to Celebrate!

You can help shape this unique holiday tradition by helping us choose a logo that creates a visual symbol for this powerful celebration. We are also looking for your “bright ideas” for bringing the joy of light and brightness to our LBFE friends. Everything from making extra phone calls and sending cards and treats to sharing your family holiday traditions with a special elder friend. Some ideas will be free and easy to execute, while some may include the cost of postage or a small gift. Some may even include a visit outdoors to soak up some of that natural light!
Please help us make this season bright! Choose a logo and share your creative ideas with us here.