Avoid Winter Falls and Slips!!!!

As we head into the winter season here in Minnesota, here are a few tips and tricks on staying safe and avoiding those nasty winter

falls and slips.

Walk like a penguin! 🥰

1. Focus on taking it one step at a time, take short, flat-footed steps when walking on icy sidewalks or parking lots.
2. Watch for changing conditions
3. Wear shoes or boots that provide traction on snow and ice
4. Dress warmly. If you’re warm, your muscles will stay relaxed. Tense muscles can adversely affect your balance.
5. Be careful getting out of your car.
6. Plant both feet firmly on the ground before moving.
7. Steady yourself on the door frame until you have your balance.
8. Don’t take shortcuts. Stay on cleared sidewalks and paths, and don’t walk between parked cars.
10. Remember that grassy slopes can be as slippery as snowy steps.
11. Take extra time.
12. Don’t rush.
13. Take short steps with your toes pointed slightly outward to maintain a stable base of support.
14. Pay attention.
15. Stay aware of the surfaces ahead of you.
16. Look down with your eyes only.
17. If you move your head downward, you may shift your balance.
18. When walking in the dark or in shadowy areas, stay alert for black ice, it is treacherous and extremely slippery.
19. Keep your driveway and walkways clear.