Coffee Talk Celebrates One Year on February 2nd.

In just twelve months, this wonderful, free drop-in chat line has brought comfort and joy to older adults across Minnesota and North Western Wisconsin. Callers dial in and connect for a one-to-one conversation with caring “Coffee Talker,” who answer the confidential phone line Monday through Friday 8:00 am-Noon. In just one year, we have achieved a lot. See the video celebrating our talkers and our milestones.

The Impact of Coffee Talk – Straight from the Creative Heart, “Matilda.”

Welcome to Coffee Talk is the sweet greeting
on the end of my telephone line
I know that the person answering
is a current or future friend.

I don’t always have something special to discuss
or something I’m wanting to share.
The purpose of my call might not be important at all
but they really don’t seem to care.

I might tell a joke, share a quote or even sing a little song.
I’ve found that anything goes, but I try not to talk too long.

There was a time when I was kind of lonesome,
really wanting to just have a chat.
Wasn’t there someone around I could talk to
besides that mangy ol’ cat?

Well lo and behold an invitation was in my mail one day
Introducing Coffee Talk, looked at it and thought Hey!!
This might be just what I’m looking for so I called to see what it was about
It was such a pleasant call that after a few minutes I had no doubt.

It’s a wonderful organization, helping people all across the land
And those who volunteer to man the phone without exception are all really grand.

I might talk with Nancy, Sandy, Deb or maybe one day it’s Julie,
Mimi or Brenda or Jonathan. Maybe Vickie you know there’s three.
Ann and Pat, I’ve had the pleasure, looking forward to Luke and Abby.
They will find out I’m quite the talker – I’ll try not to be too gabby!!

I’m not lonesome anymore now, I’m having fun and feel so blessed.
I call just about every day —I know that Coffee Talk is absolutely the Best!!!