LBFEMN has been selected as an official charity in myTalk 107.1 Project Down & Dirty

Project Down and Dirty We are excited to have been chosen to join myTalk 107.1’s Jason & Alexis morning show as the official charity for the radio station’s 10th annual Project Down & Dirty reality show and fundraising competition that pits each of the station’s shows against one another, October 26-30.

For this year’s Project Down & Dirty, the on-air personalities will work together to produce a comedic take on the classic radio drama from 1938, War of the Worlds. From Monday, October 26th through Friday, October 30th, all the hosts will put in extra hours to perfect and perform this classic radio show for a video premiere on Friday the 30th.

We will be receiving all funds raised all week during the Jason & Alexis Morning Show as well as a cut of the ticket sales from the video premiere on Friday. Tune in to myTalk 107.1 FM from 6-9 am, on the radio or live streaming, to follow the drama, frivolity, and fun as the Jason & Alexis team prepares to perform War of the World while promoting us to listeners.

Project Down & Dirty is myTalk 107.1’s award-winning reality-show-on-the-radio that has raised over $593,000 for Twin Cities charities over the last 9 years. Follow the station’s Twitter account for updates.

If you would like to join us in our mission to end loneliness and isolation, you can sign up to get more information about our volunteer opportunities.