MyTalk 107.1 Jason & Alexis Morning Show Breaks Fundraising Record for Project Down & Dirty

We are so thrilled to report that the Jason & Alexis morning show surpassed the Project Down & Dirty fundraising record, collecting more than $28,000 from MyTalk listeners during the five days of the effort, which ran from October 26-30.

For the past 10 years, each of MyTalk’s shows competes against one another as they prepare to stage an entertainment production. For this year’s Project Down & Dirty, the on-air personalities worked together to produce a comedic take on the classic radio drama from 1938, War of the Worlds, which aired via live stream on Friday, October 30.

LBFEMN will also receive a cut of the ticket sales from the behind-the-scenes video premiere. You can still watch the behind the scenes video production of the classic radio drama.