Protect yourself from cyber crimes and scams!

AARP Cyber Crimes PresentationMartin Fleischhacker and co-presenter Bill Raker gave our Let’s Do Lunch Café group a zoom presentation by AARP and the Minnesota Department of Commerce on issues related to cyber crimes and scams. The presentation included an update about recent scams, recognizing phishing and other scams, and how to protect yourself while browsing online, using social media, checking email, securing your banking information, and using the “internet of things.” Finally, we all received tips about creating unique and secure passwords. We encourage everyone to check out the presentation and important information on protecting themselves. Also included are several resources, including Marty’s contact info.
A special thanks to our presenters: Martin Fleischhacker, Senior Financial Fraud Ombudsman & Civil Enforcement Liaison, and Bill Raker, former President and CEO at Firefly Credit Union.