Wise Ways: Older Adult Stories Guiding Younger Generations

Meet GertieStories are an essential part of our lives. Stories are how we learn, communicate, and grow. Reggie Westgate is 16 years old and believes that the stories our elders share can guide him and other young people as they come of age. Reggie says, “We may have grown up in different time periods, but the essence of being a good person hasn’t changed.”
Reggie asked our wonderful Elder Friend Gertie, “What advice would you give to the next generation?”  Here is what Gertie had to say.
A very passionate Gertie pleads with folks to always use their minds. She wants us always to think before we act and recognize that our actions have consequences, be they good or bad. Those consequences can build or diminish trust. Gertie emphasizes that building trust is a long, complex process that takes only a moment to be broken. Gertie speaks from experience. She tells me that her comfort and peace come from her relationship with God. She continues to find that comfort and peace in a verse she knows well, Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.” I could hear and sense that strength in her. Gertie finished with one more piece of wisdom “Respect and honesty always go a long way.” We can all benefit from Gertie’s wisdom.
 Keep an eye out for more elder stories and Wise Ways from Reggie.