Wise Ways: Older Adult Stories Guiding Younger Generations

Member: Bridget Doyle

Stories are an essential part of our lives. Stories are how we learn, communicate, and grow. Reggie Westgate is 16 years old and believes that the stories our elders share can guide him and other young people as they come of age. Reggie says, “We may have grown up in different time periods, but the essence of being a good person hasn’t changed.”

We connected Reggie to a long-time, very dedicated LBFE volunteer, Bridget Doyle. Reggie posed this question to Bridget: What is one piece of advice you would give to younger people? Here is Reggie and Bridget’s story.

Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly allowed me to share a special conversation with an incredible woman, Bridget. When I asked Bridget: What is one piece of advice you would give to younger people. Immediately she said, “Find purpose.” Bridget spoke about how Little Brothers had put purpose in her life. There was a sparkle in her voice as she spoke about the events Little Brothers had hosted pre-COVID. She explained how folks who so relished social interaction meeting together created such a special energy. Bridget, who has beaten breast cancer twice, stressed that every day is a gift. As she so elegantly put it, “There’s a big difference between just existing and actually living.” Bridget and I encourage you today to find your purpose.

Keep an eye out for more elder stories and Wise Ways from Reggie.