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During this time of social/physical distancing due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19, the warmth of caring phone calls from you will bring hope, comfort and support to our Elder Friends at a time when extra kindness matters most. Thank you for volunteering to be an Elder Friend Phone Companion.

Tips For Success:


Let your Elder Friend know you are associated with Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly Phone Companions program.

Your Elder Friend may be anxious. Let them talk through their feelings. A listening ear may be the most valuable gift you can offer.

Diminished hearing may be an issue, so you may need to speak more clearly, slowly and louder.

If your Elder Friend has e-mail, ask if they would enjoy staying in touch there as well.

Let your Elder Friend know you will contact them on a regular basis, and find a time of day that suits you both. They will appreciate looking forward to hearing from you. If your Elder Friend is comfortable using technology, you can explore other platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc.

If the Elder Friend requests something other than your friendly phone call, please consider what other resources might be available to help.

If you have questions about how best to help, please reach out to your Team Leader.

Keep in mind your Elder Friend may not answer the phone immediately.

If you ever have concerns about your Elder Friend’s treatment or well-being, please contact your Team Lead.

Please practice good self-care and healthy boundaries.

In an emergency always call 911


Ask open-ended questions
Encourage gently
Express interest in and curiosity about the elder’s life and history, and be open to sharing from your own
Listen attentively


Family history/Ethnic roots
Childhood stories
Memorable holidays and vacations
Best jobs, first jobs
Personal milestones/ Major life events
Longtime friends
Hobbies or pastimes
Personal fun facts
Favorite musicians, artists, writers, movies, TV shows
Favorite historical figures
Current events
Celebrity news
Favorite movie stars
Memorable gifts


What if my Elder Friend does not answer or does return my calls?

  • Make sure to let the phone ring multiple times. Elders with mobility issues may take longer to get to the phone.
  • Leave the elder a message identifying yourself as a Phone Companion with Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly (LBFE). Say that you will call again. If possible, leave the day and approximate time you will call back.
  • Try calling at different times of the day and different days of the week.
  • Check with your co-phone companion to see if they have been able to reach your Elder Friend.
  • If neither of you has been able to reach them after several tries, contact your Team Leader.

My elder said they are fine and don’t want me to call them. What should I do?

  • Let the elder know you are happy they are doing well. Share that you are calling as a friend and just want to chat a little. Let them know it feels good to connect during this time of social distancing, which could be very boring, otherwise!
  • Share that it might be a while before folks can have face-to-face connections again and that you would like to touch base next week to see how each other is doing.
  • Ask the elder if they would like the call to be about something that interests them. Hobbies, books, movies, etc.

Can I give my Elder Friend my phone number?

  • This is totally up to you. Because some elders have difficulty understanding people’s boundaries around phone contact, we do recommend volunteers hold off providing contact information until they are sure they are comfortable with it.

What about groceries?

  • Please remember the no in-person contact policy and abide by state guidelines regarding shelter in place directives.
  • Ask the elder if grocery shopping resources that have been available to them in the past are still available.
  • If the elder lives in a community building, encourage the elder to reach out to building staff.
  • Check out additional resources above
  • When in doubt, contact your Team Lead.


Senior Linkage Line 

A free state service that connects older Minnesotans and their families with the help they need.

www.seniorlinkageline.com or call
1 800-333-2433 


HelpOlderAdultsMN.org is a searchable listing of services categorized under headings such as home-delivered meals grocery and drug deliveries care coordination and home care.

Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives (PEARLS)

The skills and tools offered in the program help participants address life’s problems and make ongoing plans to engage in a variety of pleasurable, meaningful activities. Learn more.

Pharmacy Delivery 

During the COVID-19 outbreak, CVS Pharmacy is 
waiving delivery fees and offering a 90-day (versus 30 days) refills on prescriptions for Medicare members.  

Is waiving delivery fees for eligible prescriptions 
offering 90-day refills and early refill authorizations 

For more information on pharmacy, deliveries contact Senior Linkage Line www.seniorlinkageline.com or call 1 800-333-2433 

Food Shelves 

Second Harvest Heartland (Emergency food boxes available) www.2harvest.org

VEAP (Serves Bloomington, Richfield, Edina, and south Minneapolis) food pantry 
delivers to homebound elders veap.org
or call 952-888-9616  

Open Arms Minnesota  
Serves people  living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, MS, ALS, ESRD, CHF or COPD www.openarmsmn.org
or call 612-872-1152 

PRISM (Serves Crystal, Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, and Robbinsdale) www.prismmpls.org
or call 763-529-1350 

Meals on Wheels

meals-on-wheels.com  or call 612-623-3363

Metro Mobility Grocery Delivery

Metro Mobility offers free grocery delivery service for elders who have a Metro Mobility account and number.

To receive a grocery delivery, your elder friend:

  1. Places an order via an online account or by telephone at the grocery store of their choice.
  2. Pays the store directly
  3. Obtains a delivery or confirmation number from the store. NOTE: There is a four-bag limit per order
  4. Calls Metro Mobility to request grocery pick-up and delivery and provides
    • Their Metro Mobility account number
    • Order confirmation or delivery number
    • The pick-up and drop off location addresses
    • Their phone number for call-back, in case necessary

Generally, Metro Mobility requires the elder’s photo ID at drop-off. This may be waived at the driver’s discretion during the coronavirus outbreak

If someone else would like to pay for the groceries, they can place the order on the elder friend’s behalf and pay the store directly.


SNAP benefits

  1. Snap benefits are not offered through Metro Mobility
  2. It is up to the individual store and associated grocery shopping service to accept SNAP benefits.
  3. Cub/Instacart and Hy-vee/Aisles do NOT accept SNAP


Metro Mobility providers:

West Zone (Transit Team) or call 651-602-1100 E-mail WReservations@metc.state.mn.us

East Zone (First Transit East) or call 651-602-1120 E-mail EReservations@metc.state.mn.us

South Zone (First Transit South) or call 651-602-1180 E-mail SReservations@metc.state.mn.us

Questions about the Metro Mobility service? Contact the Metro Mobility Service Center. Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Call 651-602-1111 TTY 651-221-9886 Metro Mobility Website: metrocouncil.org


Grocery Delivery

Help At Your Door (local non-profit)
● Order by phone at 651-642-1892
● There is a nominal charge for deliveries
● Be prepared to leave a voicemail. It may take 48 hours to have a return call
● Expect 2-5 day turnaround for the first delivery
Accepts EBT/SNAP benefits

Options for Shopping Online or by Phone

Ordering Online from Cub/Insta-cart www.cub.com 

  • Pickup is free for first-time Instacart orders
  • Thereafter, Instacart charges

– $3.99 for orders under $35
– $1.99 on $35 and up to $35
– There is a $10 order minimum on all orders
– An additional 5% of order cost is charged for two-hour express delivery

Customers can purchase

  • monthly membership for $9.99 which includes free pickup and delivery for all orders over $35, or
  • An annual Instacart Express Membership for $99 with the same benefit

Ordering from Hy-vee/Aisles* www.hy-vee.com

General Questions: 1-800-772-4098

  • *Hy-vee uses a service called Aisles for online orders
  • Pickup is FREE with a $30 minimum purchase order
  • Deliveries: A fee of $9.95 is charged. Minimum $30 order required

Ordering from Target www.target.com

  • You can order online for in-store pick-up
    • Specify store pick-up location when placing order
    • You will be notified your order is ready
    • Present receipt or order number at guest services upon arrival for pick-up
  • The store offers same-day delivery for online orders on select items, which vary based on supply)

Ordering from Lunds and Byerlys


  • Delivery fee for all orders, regardless of size, is $9.95
  • If you elect in-store pick-up, the fee is $4.95

Ordering from Walmart

  • Can only order online on Walmart’s website – No phone ordering service available
  • $7.95 delivery fee per order

Ordering from Schwan’s: Frozen foods

Phone orders: 1-888-724-9264 Accepts EBT/SNAP

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Elder Friends Visiting Companions is a program of Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly.