Terms and Conditions


I will not disclose any personal information pertaining to Elder Friends (i.e. clients), volunteers, donors, or staff members from Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly (LBFE). If I volunteer for administrative work, I will not disclose organizational information or data without permission.

Background Check

I understand that to help ensure the safety of the people LBFE serves, volunteers may be required to pass a background check. I agree to such a check, and I understand that the results will determine which, if any, volunteer role I am assigned.

Discrimination policy

I will conduct volunteer duties in a respectful manner and treat all Elder Friends, volunteers, donors, LBFE guests, and staff with dignity and respect. Further, I will not engage in discrimination on any basis including the following: age, gender, race, national origin, religious belief, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, socio-economic status or citizenship.

Harassment policy

I agree to adhere to LBFE’s anti-harassment policy, which forbids volunteers from engaging in intimidating, hostile, inappropriate or offensive behavior toward Elder Friends, volunteers, donors, LBFE guests or staff. Such behaviors include derogatory or degrading comments, unwanted touch or illegal activity, etc. If I witness or experience such behavior, I will immediately report my concern to an LBFE staff member.

Medical advice

I will not give medical advice to an Elder Friend. I will contact an LBFE staff member immediately if I have any concerns regarding an Elder Friend’s health, medications or medical care.

Professional services

I will not provide professional advice to an Elder Friend including legal, financial, banking or tax advice. I will not act as a representative payee or conservator or serve as a trustee for an estate of an LBFE Elder Friend. I will not perform any type of professional service for Elder Friends for free, or for pay. I also understand that loaning money, to, or borrowing money from an Elder Friend is strictly prohibited.