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While our volunteer programs are temporarily suspended, please continue to submit your applications.
Stay tuned for information about volunteer opportunities that will help make a difference in the lives of our Elder Friends. Your warmth and kindness matter now more than ever!

Please complete this application and select an orientation date. Once you complete the application, click the submit button at the bottom. Upon receipt of your application, we will email you information to review prior to orientation.

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Orientation sessions are currently suspended, BUT to process your application our system requires you select a date, so you can submit it.  We will reach back with next steps in lieu of in-person orientation.

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Volunteer Questionnaire

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Elder Traits

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Just as in the general population, LBFE elders reflect a wide array of personality traits and characteristics. Some are talkative, some are quiet, some are curious and outgoing and others are shy, reserved, or withdrawn. Some elders like to get out-and-about, while others are home-bound.

Some may have cognitive and/or emotional/mental health concerns, including depression. Some are in good physical shape, while others face mobility issues and other physical challenges associated with aging, including hearing loss, vision loss and chronic illness.


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